Tuesday, May 19, 2015

back on the wagon...the Radio Flyer, that is

Well it's been a while since I posted and I have to say it's been a well-needed break. A break from nothing, really, since the blog itself never exactly got under way in the first place. But a break from thinking about life to just enjoy it, the kind of break that demands itself because you can't turn away from whatever the distraction is. I started this blog as a way to keep track of the DIY and craft projects I was working on for our wedding. That got way out of hand, and I barely had time to finish everything before the big day, much less blog about it. The wedding turned out to be beautiful:
But with Harper coming along so quickly after that, our first months as newlyweds were spent getting ready for her. Considering we brought her home from the hospital on our six-month wedding anniversary, the first 18 months of her life have been a relative blur of sleepless, drool-covered nonsense and we are only now beginning to get our feet under us. I have a serious backlog of projects to write about, so it’s my goal to whip this blog in shape and make it something worth reading again (or in the first place).
It's summertime, folks; let's get excited.

I'll definitely have a post to come on some of the highlights from the wedding projects. But mostly the goal here is to document the projects that I'm already working on for Harper as she grows in to a beautiful, intelligent, and active little girl. I also have a few essays on motherhood I’ll be posting as well, along with recipes, general material worth considering, etc. You can definitely look forward to a backyard water park and some baby-Ninja Warrior obstacles in the near future. Hopefully this will give my Facebook page some relief, as well, since I've been using it like a blog and that's not really what it's for. And I hope too, of course, that those of you out there will find it somewhat useful, entertaining, or at the very least a shameless way to spend your brief moments of respite between butt wipes and stop lights! But seriously, please read, but not while you're driving. There's kids out there on the road.

Thanks for stopping by.


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